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What is common to many of our projects is research to inform communications and interventions and monitoring and evaluation. Whilst we are method agnostic – using a variety of research techniques, primary and secondary, to answer our clients’ research questions, we use new and innovative techniques such as narratives and crowdsourcing.

i to i research has a strong pedigree in evaluation, and for a number of years specialised in effectiveness measurement in the brand communications area working for organisations such as Procter & Gamble, Philips and Pfizer. Our proprietary evaluation framework – the i to i tracker® - was adopted as the tool of record for these organisations and brands and more recently has been used in a number of fragile states to measure the impact of development and stabilisation programmes.

We use both traditional and non-traditional research methods and have also identified a number of innovative techniques, from crowdsourcing to narrative approachesFor further information on these new, cutting edge methodologies see our Other services section.