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Although it may not be possible to directly attribute an intervention or programme with impact, i to i research has developed a number of techniques which move one step closer to isolate effect.

From designing research in order to prove the effectiveness of marketing communications expenditure,  i to i research has always been focused on the accountability of communication. With our heritage in brand evaluations we are well versed to linking communication outcomes with sales, and are familiar with a number of techniques ranging from econometric modelling to the use of ‘big data’.

In our experience, the key to establishing a robust methodology to deliver meaningful data and insights into the impact of an intervention is the skilful matching of data from different sources and linking it to tailored research.

There are a range of data sources that we use from quantitative to qualitative methods, from surveys of civil society to key informant interviews, from performance metrics to impact metrics and from desk reviews to bespoke surveys, none of which alone are capable of completing the circle.

Underpinning this is the careful mapping of programme outcomes to goals and objectives.