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i to i research co-authored new report on 'New Models of Marketing Effectiveness: from Integration to Orchestration'.

A new report released by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and co-authored by i to i research concludes that to optimise campaign effectiveness in these austere times communicators need to rethink how they can integrate their messages and channels for communication.
The report advocates a new approach to integration for the digital age; one more akin to conducting an orchestra where campaign elements are ‘harmonised’ around an idea or concept.
i to i , who undertook an analysis of hundreds of the most impactful award-winning campaigns, found that style of integration closely aligns with business and marketing objectives, with different approaches lending themselves, for example, to brand building or increasing market share. Of particular interest is the contribution of digital in the mix.
As a result of these findings, i to i is calling for a new approach to evaluating campaign effectiveness and has launched new survey techniques to measure what we have dubbed the ‘O ( ‘Orchestration’) Factor™’.


For a presentation on ‘Orchestration’ and the work we are doing to measure additive effects of communication, please contact Claire Spencer at claire.spencer@itoiresearch.com or call on 0203 178 2160.