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At i to i, we specialise in research, strategy and assessment in support of social and behavioural change initiatives and communications programmes.

Built upon a commitment to evidence-based approaches, we believe that effective research and analysis – designed to inform, guide and assess programmes – holds the key to more efficient, cost-effective, and successful programmes and campaigns.

With extensive experience in managing successful programmes in conflict and crisis-affected states across the world, we pride ourselves on our ability to address the most complex social and behavioural problems in the most challenging of environments. To do so, we harness a diverse spectrum of skills and capabilities: local teams, social scientists, communications professionals, behaviour-change specialists, regional experts, and specialists in monitoring and evaluation.

Working with government, non-governmental and private sector organisations, our team of experts employ both traditional and cutting-edge methodologies to provide services including insight-led strategy, social research and analysis, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and impact assessments for communications.