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i to i research has extensive experience in providing baseline assessments to inform, and evaluations to measure effectivness of, ODA programmes.

i to i can contribute to such assessments and evaluations through intervention-based field research & data collection and analysis. In addition, i to i will advise on how policy makers can apply the research/evaluation findings by policy makers, work with civil society to help them advocate to their governments and help build capacity in communication.

The methodologies which i to i has developed can be used to support programming at various stages in both humanitarian and development sectors, including collection of baseline data to inform development and design and assessment of effective implementation, as well as for final evaluations.

 Past work has included the:
- Design, conduct and analysis of population surveys on the effectiveness of communication programmes, such as raising awareness of issues relating to security sector reform and personal security
- Conduct of baseline surveys to inform programming by highlighting differences in priorities and needs of different sectors of the population and identifying potential constraints which would inform programme design e.g. on access to resources and issues around security and rule of law
- Evaluation of behaviour change programming effectiveness e.g. health education on issues and access to services
- Design, conduct and analysis of quantitative beneficiary surveys the results of which are standalone, but can also be used to inform qualitative data collection e.g. through in-depth interviews on topical issues
- Tracking studies conducted at intervals over a number of years to illustrate through trend analysis the effectiveness of longer term programmes
- Media evaluations - of both specific development programmes communicated through radio and television and assessments of how social media has been and can be used to contribute to human development.